Welcome message

Welcome to the Website of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia to the State of Israel, Shalom Rav veBaruch Haba Lekulam, we are particularly happy to be able to develop yet another important, direct channel of communication with the Israeli public, building upon and contributing to a multitude of deep, wide-ranging ties between Croatia and Israel, rooted in friendship, cooperation and affection. In the very first place, we remain most gladly at your disposal to respond to any inquiry, suggestion and initiative you may be having on our services and on our mission here, on Croatia and on our relations with Israel.

Supplementing a variety of other means, the Website, a snapshot of Croatia's presence in Israel, is to provide an additional entry point into the richness of Croatia's life, past and present, natural and cultural, and into the world of extensive links, values and interests - human, civilisational, diplomatic, political, security, economic – bringing Croatia and Israel indeed very close to each other. 

Especially, on this ocassion as well, we wish to invite our Israeli friends to join many of those who have already visited Croatia and who keep visiting it regularly, to enjoy its hospitality, beauty and quite unique charm, along the Adriatic coast and on the islands; inland, on the lakes, forests, waterfalls; in the historic cities and picturesque vilages. Coupled with the visits of the Croatian tourists to Israel, these exchanges, enhancing most tangibly a more intimate mutual understanding and genuine knowledge of each other, ensure the prosperity of our friendship.   

Enriching a whole network of bilateral ties between Croatia and Israel, Croatia's accession to the European Union, in 2013, adds a new, highly valuable, European dimension to our relations. It brings a whole set of beneficial effects to our cooperation in the fields of  economy, trade, education, science, security and diplomacy. Notably, Croatia is determined to contribute to the development of a close cooperation and partnership between the European Union and Israel, serving the cause of peace and stability.    


Embassy of Croatia to Israel